Alex’s career trajectory has been unorthodox to say the least. One day working for a global investment bank in Hong Kong pursuing the chimeric fortunes of algorithmic trading, the next a stagiaire with some of the world’s greatest street food vendors and food heroes. Alex’s public profile rocketed in 2012 after launching a food blog, the sad pig. Now Alex is living the dream, intrepidly traveling and sharing authentic food and stories of provenance.

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  1. The Provenance
    The Provenance June 20, 2013 at 6:39 am · Reply

    Hi Alex,
    You have really inspired us at The Provenance with your tales and adventures that seem to truly capture the same essence that we well, have bottled, here at The Provenance. We are wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing some of our fine wines? We can arrange a delivery but you’ll meed to let them rest after their long journey to the antepodes. Or at least take a look and name drop our website, perhaps?
    The Provenance.

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